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So everything runs smoothly: dent removal tools from LAKA-TOOLS

We will help you if you want to dent a damaged car , with professional tools - and also for the new paint that is often necessary afterwards. Because LAKA-TOOLS has specialized in workshop equipment for paintless or paintwork-free dent repair (PDR - Paintless Dent Repair) as well as dent removal tools for body and paint shops. With us you will find innovative and high-quality products, some of which we develop ourselves, manufacture according to official construction plans or also buy and sell. Our customers include well-known car manufacturers, bodywork and paint shops, vehicle conditioners (smart repair) and specialist workshops that dent cars after hail and parking damage and repair them with the help of professional tools. We are happy to use our many years of experience and our contacts to implement problem solutions and custom-made products when it comes to workshop equipment.

Order a dent removal tool from a professional

We see ourselves as a link between technicians (dent removal technicians/body builders/varnishers) and the wide range of dent removal tools and related tools or aids that you can order online here in our shop. We always make sure that you can buy new and innovative dent removal tools from us that give you, as a technician, noticeable added value.

Innovative workshop equipment that will help you

If, for example, you need a PDR tool that enables gentle dent removal without subsequent repainting, you can expect a large selection of these in our range. You will also find tools from the following areas for your workshop equipment:

• Components of adhesive technology such as adhesive adapters, hot melt adhesives and hot glue guns

• Dent removal lever with rigid handle, with interchangeable twist grip system (WDG) or carbon lever

• Dent lights as tripod lights or mobile lights

• as well as many auxiliary tools such as dent pluckers, dent removal hammers or roof bearings.

And – what should not be underestimated: user training is also part of our offer!

Painting made easy: with professional accessories from LAKA-TOOLS

If a collision was too severe, the resulting dent is often too deep to be able to be removed without repainting - or paintwork damage has already occurred from the outset. In this case, as an experienced car painter, you can and must prove your skills. With workshop equipment from LAKA-TOOLS, this is not a problem either, because you will also find the corresponding painting accessories here in our online shop, from paint stands to component mounts to retaining clips and many other practical aids. We have compiled products from all the areas mentioned for you in an informative and clear manner. Do you have any questions, comments or individual requests? Then feel free to contact us! Your LAKA TOOLS team

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